The Dennis & Victoria Ross Foundation

The Dennis & Victoria Ross Foundation (DVRF) is a non-profit foundation organized and operated for educational purposes, including support for public debate and discussion on topics of current or historical importance, and the promotion of emerging artists working in the theater, film, music, and visual arts. 

The Foundation is committed to the value of an educated and engaged public, and to that end plans to sponsor events featuring the work of authors or journalists whose work reflects open, honest, and critical inquiry, and a willingness to challenge or expand conventional wisdom.  

The Foundation’s educational mission extends also to the arts, where commercial calculations too often limit the emergence of talented artists as well as the range and diversity of work that reaches the public. Thus, the Foundation intends to seek out and produce work of artistic merit that has not yet or would not otherwise receive commercial sponsorship. 

The Dennis & Victoria Ross Foundation, located in New York City, was established in 2014.      

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