Graydon Carter Awarded 2017 Hitchens Prize


DVRF is very pleased to announce that Graydon Carter, Executive Editor of Vanity Fair magazine, has been awarded the 2017 Hitchens Prize. Graydon long ago earned icon status in the world of journalism, and has done as much as anyone to recognize and cultivate distinctive journalistic voices, not least of which his own. 

From his early years at Spy and the New York Observer and continuing over his long tenure at Vanity Fair, Graydon has brought fresh focus and insight to the overlapping realms of business, politics and culture. His publications have proved throughout a secure platform for honest, provocative writers, with no better illustration than Christopher Hitchens, who often used his perch at Vanity Fair to challenge, indeed assault, views that were deeply held by his colleagues and much of the magazine’s readership. This willingness to break with his community on high profile issues made him unwelcome in some parts of the publishing world, but never at Vanity Fair. Graydon's metric for writers was talent and authenticity, and however profound their differences on policy, his evident enthusiasm for Hitchens as a journalist and friend never waned. For this, among many other reasons, we are pleased to add Graydon Carter to the roster of Hitchens Prize winners. 

The Prize was awarded at a dinner in New York City this past Fall. Video of the event will be posted on our website.